The Dior Cruise Show in Athens

Fashion Photographer in Athens, Greece | Anna Roussos

The Dior Show at the Marble Stadium in Athens

“The show fused Greek cultural heritage with the legacy of Christian Dior”

- Vogue UK

The long-awaited Dior Show was all about the ‘goddess on the go’, mixing the glorious past of Ancient Greece and the classically elegant gowns, with the modern woman; in futuristic sneakers and more athleisure staples.

The clothing elements allowed models’ bodies to move freely, bringing a sense of freedom reminiscent of Ancient Greek sculptures.

In the photographs, one can truly comprehend this unique and unexpected mix & match by Dior’s Maria Grazia Churi.


marble stadium in athens greece

"I was absolutely thrilled when received an invitation to this historical fashion event. The whole experience was just spectacular!"

-Anna Roussos-