The most picturesque wedding venues in Athens: Anna Roussos, wedding photographer in Athens, shares her favorites for superb photos

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The Athens Riviera is one of the most picturesque locations in the Mediterranean. With its unprecedented access to the Aegean, sprawling olive groves, and beautiful landscape, it has become a popular wedding destination for fashionable couples who expect luxury, high quality, and picture-perfect backdrops. But with its impressive number of luxury hotels, resorts, and other eclectic venues it may feel overwhelming to find the wedding venue you’ve been dreaming of.

I am proud to be a wedding photographer in Athens not only because it’s a vibrant city, but because it’s where I call home.  Over the course of many years, I have had the chance to work with countless couples in the ultra-fabulous and affluent Athens Riviera. While the whole Riviera is a gem, there are particular wedding venues whose beauty, uniqueness, and luxuriant feels have stayed with me. Read on to learn what I consider to be the most picturesque wedding venues in Athens for unforgettable photos.

Discover the most picturesque wedding venues in Athens Riviera

The best wedding venues in Athens, Greece

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1. Island Art & Taste

Among the most beautiful and stylish wedding venues in Athens is Island Art & Taste. Located in stunning Varkiza in the heart of the Athenian Riviera, it is truly the whole package, consisting of four venues in one which can accommodate even the grandest of weddings. With its Private House, Residence, C-Lounge, and gallery, any wedding need and wish can be met at this all-inclusive venue. Its signature monochromatic sleekness and breathtaking endless views of the Aegean are what the dreamiest of Greek weddings are made of. With ancient olive trees and a lush garden on-site, its bucolic setting gives way to Greece wedding photos of splendid proportions.

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2. Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel

For brides seeking the most luxurious that the Athens Riviera has to offer, look no further than the stellar Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel in idyllic Lemos Vouliagmenis. Ideal for couples who desire an elegant wedding reception in Athens, the Four Seasons’ spectacular banquet halls, three private beaches, eight bars, and restaurants make for a truly unforgettable celebration of love. With some of the best in-house wedding planners and chefs in Greece, the Four Seasons offers an exclusivity that is found in very few places in this slice of southern Greek heaven. Ever-charming and stylish, it is an excellent location for your wedding photographer in Athens to meet you for pre-wedding or honeymoon photos as well.

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3. The Margi

Modern brides who embody style, grace, and undeniable flair are a perfect match for The Margi in Vouliagmeni, one of the Athens Riviera’s most affluent towns. It is one of the wedding venues in Athens with two spectacular locations: the ultra-modern Margi Hotel, and the laidback-chic Margi Farm. Both are brimming with sumptuous features including a grand banquet hall and pool in the Hotel, and elegant countryside aesthetics including olive groves and bursts of wildflowers on the Farm. Whether you dream of a wedding venue in Athens to be highly organized and graceful, or wish to embrace the boho-chic side of the southern Mediterranean, The Margi is the ideal location for stunning pictures.

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4. Cape Sounion Grecotel

If you ask a wedding photographer in Athens to name the most picturesque part of the Athenian Riviera coast, Cape Sounio on the southern tip would be high up on many lists. Regarded for its otherworldly sunsets and jagged cliffs out into the cool blue of the Aegean, it is a spectacular setting for the quintessential Greek wedding. The Cape Sounio Grecotel Resort embraces the area’s undeniably relaxing yet luxurious vibe and offers beach weddings on one of the most picturesque seafronts in Greece. The resort is mere feet away from the Temple of Poseidon, a hugely significant archaeological site, and acts as a stunning and unique pictorial backdrop.

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5. Pyrgos Melissourgou

When looking for a wedding venue in Athens with a true wow factor, it’s hard to outdo Pyrgos Melissourgou. This 17th-century castle combines fairytale-like wonderment with sweeping gardens, unbeatable views of the Aegean, and a history and exclusivity that is unmatched. Located in Lagonissi, a much sought-after playground for international jet setters, it sits on 15 acres of Mediterranean landscape and features a sprawling pool, lake, and access to the beach. Its country-chic scenery and romantic charms make for an incomparably beautiful backdrop for unforgettable pictures courtesy of your Athens wedding photographer.

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6. Ktima 48

Ktima 48, a private estate in Anavyssos, is an exceptional outdoor venue that embraces the beauty of the Greek countryside and highlights the very best of land and sea. Towering palm trees, coastal exuberance, and an on-site chapel create the idyllic setting for a wedding photographer in Athens to capture the heart of such a renowned Mediterranean destination. Though plenty spacious, it embodies a boutique vibe that is perfect for brides who wish for the feeling of an intimate yet luxurious setting for her wedding day. Blooming bougainvillea flowers, an impressive pool, and private access to the beach make Ktima 48 one of the finest wedding venues in Athens Riviera.

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7. Pyrgos Petreza

Few locations capture the essence of chic quite like Byzantine-style winery Pyrgos Petreza. Take a step out of the ordinary and enter a world of elegant architecture, fine dining, and a spectacularly lush landscape. It is the ideal setting for an Athens wedding photographer to create a chic pictorial to cherish for a lifetime. The acres of vineyards and the abundant selection of wines produced locally are fundamental to its sumptuous essence. Being one of the finest wedding venues in Athens, it lets its natural beauty humbly shine. Past and present beautifully merge together at Pyrgos Petreza, and offer a multisensory experience for all who attend a wedding at this Mediterranean gem.

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8. Hotel Grande Bretagne

In the heart of Athens city center sits the Hotel Grande Bretagne, whose historical significance, storied sophistication, and Neo-Renaissance architecture makes it one of the most lavish wedding venues throughout all of Greece. With its Grand Ballroom, world-class restaurant, spectacular rooftop bar, and high-end spa, it is no wonder couples from all over the world flock to the Grande Bretagne for their most luxurious and glamorous celebrations. An expert staff of on-site wedding coordinators, experienced caterers, florists, and makeup artists take the pressure off of brides, and guarantee you have the most superb wedding of your Athenian dreams.

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I know just how important choosing the right wedding venue is, and that it is one of the biggest decisions that you will make. It is not only the setting of the celebration of your love for one night, it lives on in eternity through the wedding pictures. You want all of the Greece wedding photos to be a reflection of your personal style, and a wedding venue with chic finesse is a must.

My years as a wedding photographer in Athens have given me upfront and insider access to some of Athen’s most spectacular venues. From grand ballrooms, to seaside castles, to lavish wineries and everything in between, your wedding venue should encapsulate the essence of elegance and grace. I would love to share her favorites with you and create picture-perfect memories.

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