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When visualizing Santorini as your wedding destination, you probably think of the alluring whitewashed houses, blue dome churches, and endless horizons over the Aegean. It is this dreamscape, and its fabled romanticism, that makes Santorini a wedding destination worthy of flawless images. As a notable wedding photographer in Santorini, Anna Roussos has a stellar reputation for capturing the island’s unparalleled beauty and the radiating brides who choose it. In fact, Santorni has been the number one destination choice for couples working with Anna for the past 10 years, and for good reason.

Whether you desire a wedding where all of your friends and family join, a more intimate gathering of your inner circle, or even an elopement with just you and your love, Santorini is the ideal setting for a picturesque and chic celebration of love. However, and with whomever you choose to gather, Anna as your Santorini wedding photographer will help capture the Greek island charisma along with your personal style for exquisite and unmatched photos. Weddings in Santorini are as dreamy and spectacular as you’ve heard, and Anna is by your side to photograph every detail.

Anna Roussos, a Santorini wedding photographer fit for the modern bride

You are deserving of a wedding photographer in Santorini to guide you through the motions on your special day and one who shares your vision and makes you feel remarkable. Anna Roussos’ years of experience as a wedding photographer in Santorini make her the exemplary choice for a bride with impeccable taste. Anna is deeply familiar with the island and all its hidden gems, ensuring she finds the perfect setting as a backdrop to highlight your love.

Due to her familiarity as a Santorini wedding photographer, Anna knows how to capture the essence of its romantic charm and the best time of day to photograph to highlight your natural beauty. Her close personal connections with Santorini’s top wedding planners and vendors are a testament to the trust that she has garnered from couples over the years. No one can encapsulate the beauty of your Santorini wedding quite like Anna Roussos.


FAQs for a perfect Wedding in Santorini

Which is the best place to get married in Santorini?

There are possibilities abound for where to get married in Santorini. From luxury hotels overlooking the caldera in Oia at sunset, to chic and modern wineries, to laidback beach weddings, or even at one of the iconic blue dome churches. What is “best” for you depends on your style, and hiring a wedding planner is advisable for helping choose the right option for you. With years of experience as a Santorini wedding photographer, Anna Roussos can also help with planning details.

Which is the best time of year to get married in Santorini?

For the most picturesque photos, a wedding photographer in Santorini would recommend summer nuptials due to the near-guarantee of it not raining. However, bear in mind that since this is high season, it is when it is most crowded. For a wedding when it is less busy but still temperate weather, April-May and September-October are also great options.

Is Santorini a honeymoon destination?

The romantic charms and many all-inclusive resorts make Santorini one of the most sought-after honeymoon destinations. As a newly betrothed couple, you can spend time at glorious beaches, upscale restaurants, or engaging in world-class boutique shopping, all while your Santorini honeymoon photographer takes pictures to last a lifetime.

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A Santorini photographer for all the little moments before and after I do...

There is a certain exhilaration leading up to your wedding. From putting the final touches on your vows to gathering all your loved ones, the electricity of this time is palpable. With Anna Roussos as your Santorini pre-wedding photographer, she will be by your side to capture every moment before your wedding to remember forever. This is a great opportunity to get to know Anna better, feel at ease in front of the camera, and be totally aligned with your vision for your wedding day. Whether you choose Anna as your Santorini pre-wedding photographer for an organized photo session or just to capture the joy in its natural form, she would be happy to meet you before your wedding in any capacity.

Santorini’s unparalleled ethereal charm, luxurious accommodations, and relaxing vibes make it one of the most romantic honeymoon destinations imaginable. Ensure you never forget your most treasured moments as newlyweds with a Santorini honeymoon photographer. Anna Roussos will happily meet you in Santorini for a highly stylized photoshoot in Oia, capture more quiet moments on the stunning beaches, or toast to your new life together at one of the many ultra-modern and award-winning wineries. Create memories on your honeymoon that last a lifetime with Anna Roussos as your Santorini honeymoon photographer.


Anna Roussos

Santorini Photographer for weddings & honeymoons

As a wedding photographer in Santorini and beyond, I am on a continuous quest to capture beautiful moments that you can cherish forever: small gestures of love, demure glances between a new bride and groom, and friends and family beaming with joy.

Years of experience as a Santorini wedding photographer has given me the opportunity to work with countless couples who dream of celebrating their love on Greece’s most romantic island.  I would be honored to be your wedding or honeymoon photographer in Santorini, the most beautiful place on earth.

"I fell in love with Anna’s images the moment I started my wedding planning process. Having a destination wedding in Santorini was not an easy task, but Anna made us very comfortable in anticipation of our big day. She’s highly responsive to all communication, organized, and most importantly very passionate about her work.

Her images do not only capture the moment but also give away an indescribable feeling that I personally LOVE. It’s easy to see how great of a relationship she has with all the vendors she’s worked with in the past. That alone can put any stressed-out bride at ease. She’s one of the best out there so don’t hesitate to choose her for your special day, it’ll be worth it. "

- Alex S. -

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