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When South African rugby union player Werner Kok met Zanyika it was love at first sight, and despite being only 7 years old, they both knew that when it came to the feeling of love they'd instantly seen a maul! Being busy winning the bronze in the 2016 Olympics Werner proposed in 2017 but this romantic guy's love doesn't stop there. Whenever he crosses the line to touch down, the first thing he does afterward is kissing his wrist because Zanyika's name is inked on it.

One can only expect an uber-romantic wedding destination for a couple as sweet as this and what could have been more romantic than jetting-off to Greece and celebrating their love on its most beautiful, most idyllic island, Santorini!

Pulling off an incredible elopement was bestowed to Julia and Evita's unique talents, who were given a carte blanche to design Werner and Zanyika's intimate soiree, keeping in mind that it should be dreamy, romantic and modern. Julia and Evita wanted to create something seriously pretty but at the same time very personalized to the couple by using elements that characterize their love. As Zanyika is artistic and loves flowers Julia and Evita wished to create a rose bouquet with reflexed petals (curved backward) giving a more interesting twist to the arrangement, while they experimented with hand-painted anthurium flowers on the cake.

The day rolled by perfectly, soaked in romance, filled with happy tears, excitement and photography where we got to discover some of the prettiest secret spots on Santorini. The couple's energy was contagious and both myself as their photographer and their wedding planners had an amazing connection with them. Come sunset it all felt so right, seeing them radiating happiness with the first orange lights of the evening flickering above the sea. I couldn't have asked for more


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"This modern elopement in Santorini is simply gorgeous from start to finish. Anna Roussos captured all the beautiful details and smile-filled tender moments between Olympic medal winner, Werner Kok and his beautiful bride, Zanyika. We are absolutely in love with every romantic yet modern detail of this destination elopement and can feel the couple’s love radiating through the photos."

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