Planning an Intimate Wedding on A Greek Island

Why Going Micro Is The Best Thing You Can Do

Intimate wedding locations In Greece

Couples can easily have an intimate wedding on the Greek islands, either by choosing smaller and often more unique wedding venues or celebrating in private villas or estates. In Mykonos and Santorini, you could easily celebrate both the wedding and the pre-wedding celebrations in a private villa you’ve hired exclusively for a weekend or a whole week. Also, Corfu is a lovely location for an intimate wedding as it features some of the prettiest Italian inspired manors in the country – ideal to give your wedding a unique style! Also, in Crete couples can opt for an intimate Mediterranean wedding in a wine yard or modern farm establishment. For those that love the aesthetics of the Cyclades, Paros, and Antiparos showcase many swoon-worthy venues and private villas to host a wedding – and these are just a few of the locations you can choose! Fewer people, double the fun!

Intimate weddings are a lovely way to cut down on people you might not know and spend more quality time with your favorite people. With fewer guests on your invite list, you can actually enjoy more moments with each person at your wedding reception. By surrounding yourself with your loved ones who know you best, you will feel relaxed and be able to enjoy your special day.


Focusing on the style

An intimate wedding on a Greek island means that you can plan the wedding of your dreams and design it exactly the way you want it to be. And although you can cut down the cost by inviting fewer people, you can also afford to splash out treating your guests to something special. Maybe you had your eye on that designer dress or a band you’d both love to have at your party. With an intimate wedding, you can spend on the things that really matter to you and go into detail on the wedding favors and decor you actually want. An intimate wedding on a Greek island offers you a celebration with close-knit friends and family where you don’t have to worry about putting on a show, focusing on the intimate environment celebrating your love.


Enough time to capture all the magic

Photography wise, your photographer can really focus on capturing those special moments of you both as a couple instead of gathering guests for large group photos. I will be able to capture everyone at your wedding celebration in a relaxed candid fashion and save all those precious moments and the intimacy between friends and family. Also, a smaller guest list means more free time for us to try different photography locations without worrying about cocktail hour or not having enough light after the ceremony. We will craft the photography timeline around your love story and make sure all the kisses in the sunset are yours to cherish in the years to come!



I would be honoured to be a part of your intimate wedding celebration in Greece! Feel free to contact me to discuss how we can make your wedding day unforgettable!