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Do you have a flare for the dramatic? Get lost in day dreams? Imagine living a love story that will be told through the ages?

When designing this editorial shoot with the visionary team of The 12 Events we had in mind how a wedding’s visual narrative follows the outlines of a fairy tale.

We wished to bring forth elements and fairytale texture and conjure an alternative world where boundaries hardly apply. After all that is the idea of marriage, general rules hardly apply, a couple creates their own beautiful private universe, and in this sense, they can create and style their wedding as confident or as grand as they wish.



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the 12 events

dimitris petrou

frantzeska koukoula

white lilac

pavlov's lab


"This wedding inspiration takes it’s notes from the lure of mystery of secret gardens. We’re starry eyed for the bride’s dress alone, so add in a cliffside ceremony, overgrown foliage and a crescent moon backdrop - yeah, we’re in love."

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"Editorial and high-fashion are among some of my favorite types of photography to shoot."

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