Your wedding should be as visionary and romantic as you have always dreamt it to be. While there are some things that are unpredictable, your wedding photographer should not be one of them. Learn some of my best insider questions and tips that you should ask yourself and your wedding photographer before a partnership for your exceptional day of I do.

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1. What are the types of aesthetics and style of photography that attracts you?

Being in touch with the types of wedding photographs you find appealing ensures you select the right wedding photographer that fits your style. Pinterest is an excellent resource for exploration where you can pin photos that resonate with you. You may discover that your favorite pictures have things in common with one another, such as an airy look, color palettes, or the moods and feelings they convey.

2. What is your overall budget for your wedding photographer?

While there may be some places to cut corners on the price for your wedding day, your photographer should not be one of them because they provide you with your eternal keepsakes. Allow some flexibility in your budget when considering your wedding photographer since you want one who is the very best and makes you feel heard.

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3. Do you want your photographer just for your wedding day, or for extra events?

The festivities surrounding your wedding are full of enticing and joyous moments, so ask yourself if you want your photographer present for them. Before your wedding, she can capture the love for an engagement photoshoot or your rehearsal dinner. Following your nuptials, consider a romantic honeymoon photoshoot, or a day of photos from a local activity with your friends and family.

Questions to ask your destination wedding photographer

1. What is their experience as a wedding photographer?

Asking your wedding photographer about their years of experience should be at the forefront of your inquiries with them. With increased experience, they have had years to hone their craft which can help you to feel more confident with your choice. An experienced photographer has the ability to be more selective with their weddings and provide better customer service leading up to your wedding.

2. Is your wedding photographer familiar with your wedding destination?

It is to your advantage if your wedding photographer is familiar with your wedding location to ensure that she takes you to the most eloquent settings for your pictures.

3. How many weddings do they photograph per year?

This question can provide a lot of insight into destination wedding photographer’s level of experience and whether or not it is their full-time or part-time job. Of course, it is advisable to hire a full-time photographer because their level of dedication and expertise may be higher than that of a part-time wedding photographer.

4. What is your photographer’s service description and delivery times?

Don’t be too eager to say “yes” before finding out all the necessary details first. Find out about their services, any extra costs after the wedding, how long until your images are delivered to you, and if they’ll provide you with teasers to share with your friends and family right away? It’s imperative to know everything before signing the deal!

5. What do they like most about photographing weddings?

Hiring a wedding photographer is more than just a business transaction. Speak emotions and delve deeper into her passions and what drives them in their work. This question provides insight into the type of photographer they are, their approach, and priorities. You can learn if they specialize in portraits, candid shots, or being out in nature.

6. Do they carry backup equipment or work with an assistant?

This question provides you with a sense of professionalism from your wedding photographer and offers you peace of mind knowing she is well prepared. This is especially important to ask if you are planning to have a large gathering, as it indicates that the workload is not out of reach for their abilities. Their preparedness should always be at the forefront of their business model and something you should never have to worry about.

4 bonus details about your destination wedding photographer to be mindful of

1. Look for consistency in the galleries

3. Note their communication time

Your photographer’s style, approach, color editing, and overall feel in their online gallery should be consistent and strong. This helps you understand the result to expect from them.

Your wedding photographer should be responsive and never take too long to reply. If they seem distant before you even hire them, chances are this won’t improve by the wedding.

2. Feel that you two are clicking

4. Ensure they provide a contract

Organize a video call with your photographer for your Greece wedding to get a feel of their personality and work. You want to be on the same page and feel an emotional connection.

Working with a contract is a sign of professionalism and ultimately protects both parties. Early on, you want to make sure you both understand your cooperation and that it is reasonable.

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