"Anna's photography is the best sample of her delicacy, romanticism, perception of the world’s nuances..."

- Julia & Evita -

julia & evita, wedding designers

As a child, I remember seeing the photograph of a couple whirling across the dance floor of Harlem’s Savoy Ballroom in New York. Perfectly steady ankles, flawlessly glowing eyes, silk satin cascading, two bodies orbiting, balancing each other – without its centre of gravity, such lightness would not be possible.

My career started from fashion photography and till today fashion is a great part of my creative journey. In 2011 I photographed my very first wedding in Santorini island, Greece. Back then I didn't have even one bridal image in my portfolio, but nevertheless my first wedding couple trusted me to document their special day and I am forever grateful for that.

This first wedding was a kick-start to a new career path that I am still proudly on. Since then I have photographed more than 250 couples all over the world. From Greek islands to Amalfi Coast, Paris, London, Philippines, Zanzibar & Mexico, I have travelled to so many different corners of our planet, always with one goal in mind - document love in the most artful & thoughtful way.


Hemingway thought of Paris as a moveable feast, while according to Gilbert Keith Chesterton if England is a riddle, the South of France is the explanation. Verdi offered us the universe if we allowed him to keep Italy, Oscar Wilde and Truman Capote fell for the allure of Greece enough to devote a slew of words while discovering it; A devoted new frontier seeker, an itinerary lover, head over heels with rolling hills, melting-pot cities, cypress-lined chateaux, acqua havens and everything in between. Traveling to meet my clients at the most intoxicating destinations is both my woliday, and passion.

True feelings

Alone together, beyond the crowd, above the world, mingling with our closest and dearest, all of us experience true feelings each day that resonate more with living our best lives than anything else; Sometimes it's a laughter that cracks louder than others, the sudden joy that seeps when our beloved holds us close, others it is the calm of smile that passes before our eyes so quickly, and yet the grasp of it stays so powerful inside, pulling us out of ourselves and making us part of the world when shared. It is these feelings I adore the most, the ones I strive to bottle up for life and what my photographs speak of.


Sweeping tulles, iconoclastic pieces, unrestrained originality and outré stylistic vision; To yours truly, fashion is all about having a moment, delivering fantasies, lauding individuality and personal style. Minimalist, or distinctive, my work constantly brings me to coalesce with high-fashion designers, artisans, and forward-thinking brides and grooms that are a league of their own. Be it to photograph couture, runway, sleek editorials, fabulous black-tie parties, and my couples showcasing their sophisticated bravado, fashion brings forth my biggest smile, and keeps me inspired, every time.

Anna's sense of aesthetics and keen eye for details have highly impressed me throughout our different artistic collaborations. Not only is she a talented professional but she is also one of the kindest persons you could meet.

- Diane Kiameh -

lily of the valley, wedding designer

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